New Game: Sub Terra


New from English publisher Inside the Box Board Games is Sub Terra, a game that’s sure to appeal if you are fond of cramped spaces, darkness, and fear.

Sub Terra is a cooperative simulation game in which players must collaborate in order to successfully explore (and then escape from) a system of caves deep beneath the surface. As in Z-Man Games’ Pandemic, players assume roles and responsibilities within the team of cavers. The cave system is created turn by turn, as players pick tiles at random from the stack, never knowing what the next move will bring.

And horrors lurk beneath the surface, unseen but waiting … only a combination of luck and clever play can bring you back safely. Easy to learn and gripping to play, Sub Terra might be just the game to dig into on your next games night!

Ages 10+, 1 to 6 players, 45-90 minutes. Available now.




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