The Early Bird Gets … Minotaurs?

This spring, players eager to get their hands on the latest set in Magic: The Gathering’s 25-year odyssey will be able to pre-order boxes of Dominaria from local games stores (like us, for example). So what, you say? Well, they will then be able to pick them up on Pre-Release Weekend (Saturday 21 April and Sunday 22 April 2018).

Yes, this means that you can get your box (or boxes) of Dominaria one full week ahead of the set’s formal release date on 27 April! That’s up to seven precious, extra days to crack packs and get those new,  improved decks assembled before Dominaria actually becomes Standard-legal.

Sweet new Boros Commander!?!

As if being the first on your block to own a whole box of Dominaria weren’t enough incentive, the Buy-a-Box promo card for Dominaria will be the super-sweet Firesong and Sunspeaker. And this card will not be available in any regular Dominaria boosters, pre-constructed decks, or from big-box retailers — it will be available only as a Buy-a-Box promo and only from your Friendly Local Games Store (such as <ahem> Scalliwags, for example). Just imagine Firesong and Sunspeaker as a combo with, say, Star of Extinction … charmingly Boros, wouldn’t you say?

 Boom! 20 life gain!

Boxes of Dominaria will be available for immediate pre-order and can be picked up first thing in the morning of 21 April (we’ll keep them behind the counter for you if you’re playing in one or more pre-release events during the day, and you can grab them on your way home).


Dominaria Pre-Release Box 


We’ll be starting registration for Pre-Release Dominaria as of today. There will be two events on Saturday 21 April (one at 10 a.m. and one at 4 p.m.), and one on Sunday morning (11 a.m.) As usual, the morning events include — at no extra charge — a pizza lunch. Drinks and snacks will be available for purchase in-store. Cost for Pre-Release remains at $35 for one event, $60 for two events, and $85 if you play in all three Pre-Release events. Early registration is recommended as Pre-Release is a popular event, and space is limited.


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